Nashville at Dee’s Lounge – with Tom House and others – Monday, Sept 16.

The Joiners on Electric Ave in East Nashville in 2009. Tom House on Electric Ave in 2009.

In 2009 I had a house on Electric Ave. in Nashville where friends would drop by and we would record music and put it up on YouTube. Tomorrow night I get to share the stage when an old friend from those days, the incredible folk singer, Tom House. The video of Tom above touches on sadness in a beautiful way. The other video is our old band The Joiners (Rachel Joiner, Joe Bidewell, and myself) during the same period. Watch the videos above and then come to Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge at 8pm tomorrow night. 

This week at the Joinerhouse

Here I am, on the road again.

It's shaping up to be a big week at the Joinerhouse. We had a blast with Gainesville, Florida's The Savants of Soul at the Nick Rocks on Sunday night. Monday I manged to get the transcipt up of In the Road - Chapter 1 in preperation for Tuesday's publication of Chapter 2 (If you aren't caught up now you aren't far behind. Chapter 1 is only 18 minutes long). And to cap off the big week, Bonne Bouche and I are heading to Huntsville, Ala and the Copper Top Dive and Dine to play a John Thursday/Cafeteria show. I'm excited to have Bonne back on drums and backing vocals while Cafeteria bass player Dan Horrowitz rocks the stand-up bass. It's going to be a rare chance to catch the once "most solid drummer in Nashville" so if you can make it to Huntsville Friday it's going to be a special night. That's it for tonight. Thanks for following along!

In The Road – Chapter 1 – In which we meet John Thursday

Transcript: In The Road 01