Busking on Broadway | In the Road | Chapter 5 | Update

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkens
Audio of John Thursday and Bonne Bouche busking on Broadway in Nashville, TN. 2006

In the Road | Chapter 5 | Nashville

Next week.

Busking can be Hell. Audio above recorded on mini-disc in the summer of 2006.

Washing Tomorrow’s Clothes,
No machine to overload.
Planning just one day ahead.
Oh where will we go?
Only tomorrow knows.
Maybe we will just make love instead.
A t-shirt and a pair of jeans,
Pair of shoes to chase my dreams,
Just for the fun of it.
Whisper and not a scream,
Walk away from the guillotine.
Making a run for it.
Cause being far away makes the perfect kind of alibi.

Joinerhouse Attic

Dusty old home recordings from theJoinerhouse attic.

Jan 7, 2019

In the summer of 2018 I released an EP of new songs along with two different EP’s of old recordings. After a couple of months I decided the old recordings didn’t need to be up (I waffle about my catalog to the point of paralysis). Months later I was checking the stats from Spotify and Apple Music and this song had twice the “saves” as the rest of the catalog. Color me surprised.

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