Imagine Bach is your cantor at Mass

Bach – St. John Passion

I have been listening to some musicians who have composed for the Catholic Church recently and have come across a couple of pieces that are just amazing. I honestly can’t fathom sitting in the pew and the one singing the Psalms up front is Bach. And the priest at the end of Mass is like, “Before I forget, you aren’t going to want to miss Mass on Good Friday cause Bach has something really special us that day.” And then this is what it is…

“In the Road” is back up

I have decided to re-release the episodes of my podcast “In the Road.” It is really more of a book on tape than anything but is an autobiographical trip of discovery that I would like to make available for posterity’s sake. If anything it is a record of my journey to what I am now. That is, a journey towards happiness. The story ends before I get there so stay tuned and maybe I just may update it soon. The episodes are below this post.

Trey Deuce Daytimer

We are headed back to Nash Vegas to play with our old gang The Trey Deuce Club at Dee’s in a couple weeks. Rae and I met in Nashville and formed our band The Joiners while there. It’s always a blast to go back to where it all began, kick it with the old gang, and (in the words of Thomas House, “pass that old guitar around one more time”).


John Thursday and The Joiners are having a nooner with our old gang The Trey Deuce Club outside at #deescountrycocktaillounge in Nashville on Saturday, October 23rd at 3pm.

With Annie NeeleyJohn Thursday / The Joiners, Joe Bidewell, and The Company on 10/23 from 3p to 5:30p outside at Dee’s Lounge Lounge. Hosted by D. Striker, the event is doubling as a food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee too, so bring some peanut butter, which is one of their most needed items.See you in Madison, TN!


John Thursday starts a baking show!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie cake. You can lick the spoon!

Okay so we didn’t “start” a baking show so much as we made one episode. I put on Facebook that if we made it to 50 subscribers that day (we were at 49) I would make a Vegan chocolate chip cookie video. Well being the good ol’ friend of many years that he is, Brandon McDearis, was our 50th subscriber so we made him a video. The kids all make appearances and as my sister-in-law says, all of their different personalities really come out. And the cookie was awesome!