This week at the Joinerhouse

Here I am, on the road again.

It’s shaping up to be a big week at the Joinerhouse. We had a blast with Gainesville, Florida’s The Savants of Soul at the Nick Rocks on Sunday night. Monday I manged to get the transcipt up of In the Road – Chapter 1 in preperation for Tuesday’s publication of Chapter 2 (If you aren’t caught up now you aren’t far behind. Chapter 1 is only 18 minutes long). And to cap off the big week, Bonne Bouche and I are heading to Huntsville, Ala and the Copper Top Dive and Dine to play a John Thursday/Cafeteria show. I’m excited to have Bonne back on drums and backing vocals while Cafeteria bass player Dan Horrowitz rocks the stand-up bass. It’s going to be a rare chance to catch the once “most solid drummer in Nashville” so if you can make it to Huntsville Friday it’s going to be a special night. That’s it for tonight. Thanks for following along!