The Joiners are streaming on all of your favorite streaming services.

The Joiners in Nashville

Rachel and I had a band in Nashville with some wonderful musician friends. Calling ourselves The Joiners, we made two albums and a single that are now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and all of your other favorite places to discover music. Go check it out and listen to our Nashville selves.

Copy of the live stream from May 9th

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Saturday night’s live stream! It was a roaring success and we really enjoyed everyone’s participation in the discussion section during the show. We will definitely be doing something again soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here is a streamlined copy of the set with the silence edited out of the beginning. Don’t forget to subscribe to the John Thursday YouTube channel while you are there, and thank you for watching!

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At Dino’s back in the day…

Here’s a picture of The Joiners playing Dino’s Bar on Gallatin Ave. in East Nashville. We were the house band at Dino’s for a bit, playing every other weekend (when there wasn’t a NASCAR race on the TV). Back then we were a three piece, with the incomparable Joe Bidewell on the bass and harmonica and Rachel on the drums. Living in Music City and playing regular gigs at the local dive bar was my own version of living the dream. It was tons of fun and we were surrounded by so many great musicians and great friends. We’re really looking forward to playing all the old songs tomorrow night and hope to see everyone there!

Tune in Saturday right here at to watch as The Joiners perform their 2010 album β€œGlorious Glorious!” 6pm CST (You can also watch from YouTube at Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

Live Stream Saturday, May 9th at 6pm CST – The Joiners Glorious Glorious in all its gloriousness.

John Thursday and Rachel Joiner will be live streaming a performance of their 2010 album, “Glorious Glorious.” The stream will be available right here at the Joinerhouse. Mark your calendars! Saturday, May 9th at 6pm CENTRAL TIME.

Listen to The Joiners album “Glorious Glorious” prior to the performance by clicking here!