Imagine Bach is your cantor at Mass

Bach – St. John Passion

I have been listening to some musicians who have composed for the Catholic Church recently and have come across a couple of pieces that are just amazing. I honestly can’t fathom sitting in the pew and the one singing the Psalms up front is Bach. And the priest at the end of Mass is like, “Before I forget, you aren’t going to want to miss Mass on Good Friday cause Bach has something really special us that day.” And then this is what it is…

“In the Road” is back up

I have decided to re-release the episodes of my podcast “In the Road.” It is really more of a book on tape than anything but is an autobiographical trip of discovery that I would like to make available for posterity’s sake. If anything it is a record of my journey to what I am now. That is, a journey towards happiness. The story ends before I get there so stay tuned and maybe I just may update it soon. The episodes are below this post.