Outside the Perimeter Part one

flash fic·tion noun

  1. fiction that is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer in its entirety.

Outside the Perimeter –By John Thursday

  1. a flash fiction prequel to In the Road by John Thursday.

Part One

Johnny could barely make out the staticky voice coming down the hall from his mother’s bedroom as he opened his eyes one January morning and remembered the talk of snow he’d heard the night before. Looking out of the window he saw a fresh cover of white reflecting the morning sun and a steady flurry of flakes still falling. In long-johns and socks, he raced down the hall toward the Pied-Piper sounds of his mother’s green-plastic radio and listened as the DJ read down the list of school closings. A thermometer, placed there the year before by his great grandfather, hung just outside the second story window of the master bedroom overlooking their large front yard. His mother was sitting in front of a vanity mirror applying makeup as he sat down on her king-sized bed and listened to the radio.

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